If you like a good story and prefer foods that aren’t genetically modified, drenched in chemicals and hormones, and processed and reprocessed, then you’re probably in the target market for family-owned One Degree Organic Foods. This white brick company is fast positioning itself on the basis of ingredient transparency and “ingredient truth” with the tagline, “Every ingredient has a story.”

One Degree Organics gives names and faces to its veganic foods by telling the stories of the actual farmers who grow them. Visit the company’s website and meet the farmers in the company’s supply chain who hale from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States—all experts in growing sustainable, healthy crops.

“Trace the life story of every young sprouted grain” all the way to its final home in eco-friendly packaging. Follow the “engaging narrative” of millet, gamut, wheat, and lentils that live “extremely sheltered lives” before finding their way into the company’s cereal, bread, flour, and seed products. Even the salt is ancient and the sugar is coconut palm. Packaging includes QR and alphanumeric codes that can be scanned using smart phone technology to identify the family farm behind each product ingredient.

One Degree Organics promises delicious food combined with “delicious truth.” Its products are available across the nation in natural grocers and retailers like Sprouts, as well as in a growing number of supermarkets like Raley’s.