Jack FrostWinter made a stealth attack this year. Overnight I went from wearing flip flops—my shoe of choice—to digging frantically through my closet for my UGG® boots. Even worse, I woke up to a nasty layer of frost on the windshield of my minivan, which made for a great Instagram picture, but added ten minutes to my morning commute time.

I searched for an ice scraper under all the car seats before remembering why I no longer have one. Who needs an ice scraper when you have a beach towel?

Last year I figured out that if I spread a large beach towel across my front windshield before I go to bed each night, the windshield will be perfectly dry and clear when I get up the next morning. If there’s wind, I just anchor the outside edges in the car door. No more frantic scraping or defrosting, and no excuse for being late to work!

Incidentally, this illustrates a great marketing strategy, which is to consider new and interesting ways customers are using your products. They’re pretty creative that way, and if you listen to their stories (like this one), you just might identify new markets, as well as new ways to promote, distribute, and adapt your products for other uses.

If you’ve discovered a great winter use for your favorite summer item, I’d love to hear about it! There has to be another good use for flip flops!